2 May 2024

BOHS launches Register of Occupational Hygiene Professionals

Susan Lett

Occupational Hygiene Director


The British Occupational Hygiene Society (BOHS) has launched the Register of Occupational Hygiene Professionals, accredited by the Professional Standards Authority for Health and Social Care, the UK’s regulator of registered health professionals.

The register is administered by the BOHS Faculty of Occupational Hygiene (FOH), the professional standards body for the British Occupational Hygiene Profession, and allows you to check an individual’s level of expertise.The register meets a statutory requirement and is maintained in the public interest to provide a list of competent professionals in the UK and the Republic of Ireland.  The launch of the BOHS’s Register of Occupational Hygiene Professionals marks its commitment to the highest standards of professional practice.

What the Accredited Register means for FOH members and practitioners

Faculty of Occupational Hygiene members, as well as non-Faculty practitioners, will now be able to demonstrate they meet the registration requirements. This involves a commitment to high professional standards, a stipulated complaints and ethics process, and a duty to maintain current and relevant professional knowledge.

The Accredited Register grants the right to Qualified Occupational Hygienists and Occupational Hygiene Technicians to display the PSA Accredited Registers Quality Mark, showing adherence to professional and ethical standards, raising the profile of Occupational Hygiene as a profession.

Stakeholder confidence

This serves as a clear indicator to employers, service users, and the public that practitioners are committed to maintaining robust professional and ethical standards.

The register offers confidence to stakeholders that they can trust these accredited practitioners who have voluntarily committed to high-quality standards and ethical conduct.

The BOHS endorses the selection of practitioners who are registered with the Accredited Register – this is also recommended by the Professional Standards Authority. This accreditation not only raises the profile of Occupational Hygiene as a profession, but also contributes to fostering consistent standards of practice within associated professions and trades.

As stated by the BOHS, employers should only use competent professionals when seeking to prevent harmful exposures in the workplace that may result in ill health or when wishing to obtain Occupational Hygiene advise and expertise.

What this means for Envirocare

Envirocare’s Occupational Hygiene Director, Susan Lett, shows the company’s support for the register:

This is a significant milestone for the profession that will raise standards in the practice of Occupational Hygiene services carried out by these accredited professionals. Our clients can have confidence that our team will have up to date and relevant professional knowledge. At Envirocare we are excited to see the profession reach this milestone and we fully endorse the register. It is an employer’s responsibility to conduct their due diligence to verify the competence of their selected service provider. At Envirocare, all of our occupational hygienists are proud members of the BOHS Faculty of Occupational Hygiene and you can find them listed on the register.

Susan Lett, Occupational Hygiene Director

You can access the register of accredited Occupational Hygiene professionals here.