21 May 2024

Pipebot Patrol wins share of £40M in Water Breakthrough Challenge

Ofwat’s Innovation Fund today announces 17 winners from the fourth Water Breakthrough Challenge, a £40M competition that invited solutions with the potential to deliver wide-scale, transformational change benefitting customers, society and the environment.

The winners include the Pipebot Patrol project led by Northumbrian Water, which has been granted £1.6M funding and is supported by project partners Environmental Monitoring Solutions, the University of Sheffield, and Minicam. This will see the development of a sewer robot that will crawl through miles of the wastewater network to constantly inspect pipework, raising alerts to the precise location of blockages as they are beginning to form.

The project is one of the winners of a £40M competition from Ofwat, the economic water regulator. The goal of the Pipebot Patrol project is to develop an autonomous sewer robot, to proactively raise alerts to the precise location of blockages. This approach will allow maintenance teams enough time to react before blockages cause sewer flooding – keeping sewage where it belongs. Blockages in sewers can lead to flooding and due to insufficient knowledge around the condition of buried pipes in the UK, there are 1.5M road excavations per year causing road closures at a cost of at least £5.5B per year.

Richard Warneford, Wastewater Director for Northumbrian Water Group, explains:

This funding allows us to progress robotic solutions to monitor sewers and minimise the possibility of sewer flooding to customer properties and the environmental impact. Combining robotics, autonomy and acoustics with smart-sewer networks, we’re developing new tools for water companies to meet our performance commitments to reduce sewer flooding.

Richard Warneford, Wastewater Director, Northumbrian Water Group

Dr. Sonja Ostojin, the Head of Innovation at EMS, said:

It is great to be a part of this forward-thinking project team and to help bring change to the way the water industry is dealing with blockage detection and cleaning challenges. We need to be able to proactively detect and manage potential blockages within the network, therefore we must be able to rapidly identify the location of developing obstructions. EMS as a specialist systems integrator in environmental monitoring and compliance will share knowledge and expertise on blockage detection.

Dr. Sonja Ostojin, Head of Innovation, EMS

Helen Campbell, Senior Director, Ofwat said:

There are big challenges in the water industry that must be solved, some are well-known, and others are less so. In our fourth Water Breakthrough Challenge we called for solutions with potential to deliver wide-scale, transformational change for customers, society and the environment – and that’s exactly what today’s winners have done. From raingardens to prevent flooding to green energy from treated sewage, innovations to cut the water sector’s carbon footprint to robots that patrol the pipe network, the winners are all helping shape a more sustainable and efficient water sector.

Helen Campbell, Senior Director, Ofwat

The Water Breakthrough Challenge is part of a series of competitions from Ofwat, run by Challenge Works with Arup and Isle Utilities, designed to drive innovation and collaboration in the sector to benefit individuals, society and the environment.

It supports initiatives that help to tackle the biggest challenges facing the water sector, such as achieving net zero, protecting natural ecosystems and reducing leakage, as well as delivering value to society. 


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Environmental Monitoring Solutions is a company that helps a wide range of businesses and organisations achieve and maintain environmental compliance. Its divisions span water (industrial water and water quality) and environmental management, and an innovation team. We collaborate with academia, providing an advisory role in product development, working in the field testing of sensing technologies at all Technology Readiness Levels, and in hardware and software development. We offer expertise in AI, blockage detection and real-time control. EMS supports industry when there is a need for action that will address a gap in the market, working closely with internal teams to support them and bridge the knowledge gap. EMS is an established and leading provider of a range of short-term and permanent water and wastewater monitoring services and a range of environmental management services, including but not limited to CSR and sustainability services, training for staff including management, assistance with environmental permits and consents, and legal compliance support.

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