10 May 2024

Workplace insights: Internships at Cura Terrae

Recently, as part of The University of Sheffield’s Easter Internship programme, we have had the pleasure of welcoming some fantastic interns from the university to join our Marketing and Sustainability teams at Cura Terrae and Ecus. 

This short-term initiative, facilitated by the University of Sheffield, empowers students to contribute meaningfully to a business, charity or public sector organisation. 

Cura Terrae is a group of environmental companies with a service offering that is concentrated solely on taking care of our environment and by extension our communities, with a strong ESG approach. Last year we launched our Sustainability team within Ecus and we have hosted a number of interns who have capitalised on an exciting time for Cura Terrae. 

Hear from Matt Galloway, who worked with our Ecus Sustainability Consultant, Sophia Reeve:

“Over Easter, I completed a two week internship at Ecus working on a project for Ecus’ Sustainability team. I was tasked with researching and creating a template and guidance for producing an annual sustainability report. Alongside this, I produced recommendations for an accompanying summary statement and video. 

Working with Ecus was a rewarding experience and I particularly enjoyed working with the team in the office. Meeting people from different areas of the Ecus team and taking on board their advice was especially useful. An absolute highlight though was meeting the dogs when they came into the office. 

I feel like I developed a lot of my skills during my time here; I would definitely recommend working there and would be happy to return. A huge thank you to Sophia Reeve for all of her help during my internship.” 

We have also had the pleasure of hosting Afua Sefa, a Business Management and Economics Student, to work on projects for Cura Terrae under the supervision of our Social Media Executive, Sarah Szalma. Afua had this to say:

“I am pleased to have completed my marketing internship at Curra Terrae, where my project was supported and guided by their Social Media Executive, Sarah Szalma, and the rest of the marketing team! 

As a business management and economics student, I have enjoyed studying the analytical tools businesses can use in marketing. Therefore, I found it interesting to apply these during my project to ‘Increase brand awareness with a six-month social media campaign’. To develop the campaign, I completed a series of research tasks, including completing a SWOT, competitor and stakeholder analysis and researching upcoming environmental trends. Finally, I used the SOSTAC model and a Gantt chart (campaign planning tools) for the project implementation and presented my findings. 

I enjoyed being creative while designing the outline for a potential advertisement poster and generating ideas for insightful TikToks after considering its current high-performance videos.  

During this internship, I furthered my market research, strategic planning, and campaign development skills, which have enriched my understanding of the industry and how it operates. The importance of innovation has been highlighted to me. Once again, I would like to thank the entire team for their support and Cura Terrae for this opportunity!” 

We would like to thank our interns for their fantastic work and wish them all the best! 

Matt Galloway and Afua Sefa