15 January 2024

Cura Terrae CEO, Pete Skipworth, Named Entrepreneur of the Month

Cura Terrae is proud to announce that its Group Chief Executive Officer, Pete Skipworth, has been awarded Entrepreneur of the Month by Yorkshire Insider Media for his leadership, which has facilitated the group’s ambitious growth, and for his contributions to the sector.

A lot of us are making a positive difference through our work - through expertise, intellectual and business endeavours. My story is hopefully an example of this. We’ve shown how the environmental sector can combine with investors to accelerate impact and to achieve sustainability sooner.

Pete Skipworth, Group CEO

Pete’s journey began with the formation of SEAMS, a software company focusing on the performance of and investment in water utility assets. He successfully negotiated reduced university shareholdings, paving the way for vital investment. The company’s innovative software and approach, utilising genetic algorithms (a form of artificial intelligence), later expanded into gas, electricity, and highways services.

After steering SEAMS to success and overseeing its acquisition by Arcadis, Pete turned his attention to Environmental Monitoring Solutions (EMS) and Ecus. With strategic acquisitions (including Envirocare) and restructuring, he formed the foundation for what would later become the Cura Terrae group.

Back by Palatine Private Equity’s Impact Fund and under Pete’s leadership, Cura Terrae has been a uniquely multi-disciplinary endeavour in the environmental services sector, attracting leading industry experts. The group’s recent acquisitions, including Enviro Technology Services, have further solidified its position as a market leader with around 3,000 clients and 350 employees, setting the pace for the market.

Pete remains committed to environmental work and he anticipates further growth. For Pete, and many individuals across the various disciplines at Cura Terrae, this work is clearly a vocation.

Pete’s activities in the sector extend beyond business. He serves as a Visiting Professor at Leeds Beckett University’s Sustainability Institute and Loughborough University’s School of Architecture, Building and Civil Engineering as Professor of Environmental Monitoring and Management. His commitment to sharing his expertise and commercial work showcase entrepreneurial spirit and genuine enthusiasm.

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