12 January 2024

Cura Terrae company ET to bring the most accurate sensor in the world to the UK and Ireland

Cura Terrae company, ET, has joined forces with dnota to bring the most accurate multi-parameter indicative sensor in the world to the UK and Ireland.

Cura Terrae subsidiary company, Enviro Technology Services Ltd (ET), the UK’s leading air quality monitoring specialist, proudly announces an exclusive partnership with dnota to bring the award-winning bettair® node to the UK and Ireland.

Distinguished as the most accurate outdoor multi-pollutant sensor in the world, the bettair® node will empower smart cities and organisations in efforts to combat air pollution.

Setting itself apart from other sensors, the bettair® node comprehensively measures a spectrum of air quality indicators, including NO2, NO, CO, O3, SO2, H2S, CO2, PM10, PM2.5, and PM1.0 along with ambient noise levels and other environmental parameters. Unlike any other small form AQ sensors currently in the UK market, the bettair® node includes noise measurement as standard (Class 2, upgradable to Class 1), making it an exceptional choice for those seeking a comprehensive and advanced solution for environmental monitoring.

The bettair® node offers a rapid solution, providing accurate data within 5 minutes of installation on a web-based portal and enabling the intuitive generation of populated reports for informed decision-making.

We are delighted to announce our exciting new partnership with dnota to exclusively sell the award-winning bettair® multi-pollutant air quality sensor node and data platform in the UK and Ireland. Measuring PM10 PM2.5 PM1 and noise as well as 4 customisable gas sensors as standard, no annual subscription charges, 2-years between calibrations and best-in-class accuracy and precision, we think this is going to be a game changer. All supplied and supported by the UK’s No.1 air quality monitoring equipment supplier, Enviro Technology Services Ltd.

Duncan Mounsor, Managing Director of ET

ET is committed to providing exceptional customer care and the impact of this partnership with dnota extends beyond technological advancements. Jorge Godoy, Commercial and Marketing Manager at dnota, emphasises the transformative impact this partnership will have on customer satisfaction in the UK.

The dnota- Enviro Technology Services (ET) alliance is set to revolutionise the way we prioritise customer satisfaction in the UK. With an unwavering commitment to excellence, this partnership leverages cutting-edge sensor technology to provide exceptionally high-quality air measurement. The result is an unparalleled level of efficiency, ensuring that customers across the UK enjoy the purest air, setting new standards for environmental well-being.

Jorge Godoy, Commercial and Marketing Manager of dnota

Poor air quality is thought to be responsible for c.40,000 deaths in the UK each year, 7 million premature deaths globally, and shortens global life expectancy by 2.2 years.

This collaboration between ET and dnota is set to promote healthier environments and advance the fight against air pollution in the UK and Ireland.